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Justin Mezzell is an illustrator and designer currently surviving extreme weather conditions in Orlando, Florida. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, he specializes in illustration, digital art, and UI/UX design.

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“For the past 3 years, I’ve participated in Chris Streger‘s To Resolve project, which invites designers to create a mobile wallpaper to commemorate our resolutions for the new year. This year, I pledged to get my vampire-y out into direct sunlight.

Mobile and desktop wallpapers below.”




Futuralbum is a collective design project organized by Troy DeShano wherein participants redesign an album cover using only Futura and assets from the Flickr Internet Book Archive.

I redesigned Dynatron’s Escape Velocity for my submission and created a few singles to accompany the album. You can read more about the process on my blog.”




Future 52 is a collaborative design project in which a new design is released every week by a new designer that centers around a vision for the future. These submissions can be either a hoverboard, starship, wearable, energy weapon, or a robot. It’s created by Alex Griendling and developed by Rogie King.

My submission was an energy weapon called The Scoundrel. I can’t encourage you enough to check out the project in its entirety. It’s one of the most diverse projects I’ve been a part of.”




“It’s easy to look over the small things. Little Victories is an ever-growing collection of patches that commemorates the things that no one thinks to memorialize; celebrating life’s oft-overlooked miracles.”






“Le Telephone is an experiment in opposition. I wanted to illustrate an environment wherein human connections are made through various scenes that may have otherwise been perceived as cold or inhuman. To me, large monolithic architecture provides a fantastic juxtaposition to play within. The idea that we can remain connected to one another in this oftentimes overwhelming life by such small, beautiful strands. I loved thinking about these stone buildings being somehow held together by a simple, almost anachronistic string-and-can telephone.”





“I worked with Fast Company on their annual 100 Most Creative in Business article for the web and print, providing numerous spot illustrations as well as How To’s for the story featuring Nate Silver, Daniel Graf, and many more influencers of innovative change.

Art Director: Alice Alves”

Illustrations for Nate Silver's section on how big data changes the world. Outlining advancements in the fields of crime prevention, safer medicine, more efficient energy, and success-predictive education.    

Spot illustration for Connie Britton's starring roll and creative writing process on the critically-acclaimed Nashville.    

These How To's provided insight the process by which we're killing cancer cells with HIV as well as how VR codes work.    




“Epic Armory is an ongoing project where a group of designers recreate/remix weapons from popular fiction–be it films, literature and.or games. It’s been a fun pet project to riff on some great subjects I have a personal connection with. You can check out more work from all the awesome contributors over here. ”








Fortune Magazine – March 2013

“New illustration for Fortune magazine of the future of the automobile’s dashboard which called out a number of new features such as large screen, interactive HUDS, video calls, etc. Not necessarily making it safer, but definitely flashier.

Art Director: Michael Solita”





“Motion Study is where I’ve been messing around with motion, as is made evident with the title. They’re simple and pretty basic, but hey, so am I sometimes.”





“The World of Tomorrow is a re-imagining of our world as progressed by the hands of time. An ode to a world of science fiction coming face-to-face with our own reality. In borrowing elements from past and present, we can reinvent our tomorrow.

I wanted to represent a vision of our possible futures that were limited to simple geometry in their construction. Playing with dimension and lighting to solve spatial cues. I wanted to ensure that it wasn’t just one specific vision of the future that was made reality, taking cues from different points of architecture throughout history and science fiction. I made more than I’m fully comfortable admitting to.

Below are some selections. ”





“I was commissioned by Wander to create a print for their Wander Postcard Project that could also be downloaded for iPad/iPhone. I’ve gotta be honest, don’t ask me what Wander is. I really don’t know.”




I Saw It On Twitch: Neon Skyline

“We drew a city on I Saw It On Twitch yesterday. Also, I showed my face with glasses. Then we drew a lumpy star. Then we learned about @Alex Griendling‘s Church of Lumpy; blessed be his glorious name. Then I was public shamed for using the light UI for Illustrator.

Basically a lot happened and I’m not sure what we should be proud of. But the important thing is that we did it together.”

I Saw It On Twitch: Neon Skyline



Audio Diary

“On yesterday’s I Saw It On Twitch stream, we drew an Audio Diary from Bioshock live with a (not so) studio audience. Such an awesome time hanging with you folks!”

Audio Diary



I Saw It On Twitch

“I’ll be hosting live streams of my design process that you can watch and pick apart on Twitch. I’ll do my best to share techniques, more about my process, and open up any time for questions. We’ll even design things!”

I Saw It On Twitch



Vox 2015 Year in Review

“I worked with the amazing team at @Vox Media in creating their 2015 Year in Review. Such a great experience. If you ever get the opportunity to work with these fine folks, jump at it!

Art direction and all-around awesomeness: @Josh Laincz




Lowering the Bow

“I wrote about living in a culture of entitlement and some of my own shortcomings.

Spoiler Alert: It ain’t easy.

You can read all about it now. I know, right?”

Lowering the Bow

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