Weekly Inspiration for Designers #45


"Edge" Playing Cards (wip)

“Edge” Playing Cards (wip) by Mike | Creative Mints


A letter

A letter by Roma Korolev (Kaer)



Complex by James Graves

Undying Cell Phone

Undying Cell Phone by July Pluto


What will I be Mum?

What will I be Mum? by The Fox And King

Ambient animations by Sandro Tatinashvili – Full project


Shrapnel by Lola Dupre


Brids of paradise tubik

Birds of Paradise Encyclopedia 


VOID Conference

VOID Conference by Ben Schade


Bloomthat.com — Product Page

Bloomthat.com — Product Page by Dann Petty


Unicorn- don't take it too seriously

Unicorn- don’t take it too seriously by Natalie Berowska


Personal Site

Personal Site by Kyle Anthony Miller


ReaQta-Hive dashboard

ReaQta-Hive dashboard by Davide Pacilio



Playstore by Ramil Derogongun


Nike Product Card Concept

Nike Product Card Concept by Honest Joe


Nike Black History Month  – Full project


Pasta packing concept by Nikita . – Full project


Masa – take away bags bySiegenthaler &Co – Full project


FAKECOFFEEBRANDING Vol.1 by Illarion Gordon – Full project


Female Cyborg by daybreak lai – Full project


Design Breakfast

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