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Join over 500K designers, product managers & developers to get your daily dose of fresh, professionally curated graphic design, tech, news, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion and so much more.

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Staying current is crucial to continuously improve yourself and be prepared for upcoming trends in design & technology.

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Muzli curates the latest content from hundreds of online design, tech & news publications. you can pick-and-choose what interests you and we'll take care of the rest by surfacing the best content and bring it all together.

Stay on top of it all and find everything in one place.

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Inspiration might strike anywhere. Muzli is available on desktops/web as a browser plugin for Chrome & Safari, and also on mobile for iOS devices.

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"I LOVE this app it is very useful and helpful. Thanks Muzli you made my daily life easy with awesome content"

Waqas Karim

"Hi Muzli, your team work is very inspirational for Designer, in every morning start one cup of coffee with MUZLi!"

Anurag Tiwari

"the best replacement for chrome new tab it keeps me up to-date with the latest designing feeds with no stupid ads all over the place thanks for that <3"

Hadi Golkarian

"I love every time I open my browser I get all of the latest design news. I use it when I am short on time to grab something interesting to share on my social media channels too."

Clay Pruzinsky
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