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by teenage engineering

Introducing the TP–7 Field Recorder by teenage engineering, a masterpiece of audio design. With a nod to the classic Braun era, this elegantly crafted device captures thoughts, music, and interviews effortlessly. Compact and intuitive, the TP–7 redefines the recording experience, offering a seamless blend of form and function for those who appreciate the art of sound.



Miko-R, une artiste française autodidacte, trouve sa passion pour la peinture à l’adolescence, influencée par des maîtres tels que Magritte, Vasarely, Folon et Mondrian. Inspirée par la Pop Art et des artistes tels que Klein, Soulages et Keith Haring, elle intègre également le street-art dans son expression artistique éphémère. Initiant son parcours avec des tableaux monochromes, elle explore les couleurs chaudes avec un travail méticuleux sur la matière. Le street-art fusionne la peinture et le volume dans ses créations, où elle crée des sculptures en fibre de verre, les taguant avec des couleurs, des mots et des messages variés. Son œuvre, empreinte d’humour et d’énergie, se distingue par la générosité des formes et des messages qu’elle insuffle.


OMSE’s identity for Indo-Japanese spirit DOJA is a joyful mixture of ingredients and cultures

DOJA is the world’s first Indo-Japanese spirit; a mixture of ingredients and cultures that come together to create something new. Crafted by a veteran distiller in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture and produced in Goa-based East Side Distillery, DOJA is a yuzu-dominant gin with hints of cedar, sansho pepper and hinoki in combination with traditional botanicals from India.

Building on the brand’s concept of mixing, London-based studio OMSE delivered an identity for DOJA that honours the two cultures whilst embracing tradition and modernity. This also inspired the name, In(do-ja)panese as well as the distinctive logo; a mixture of typefaces and languages: Japanese, English and Devanagari.

BETTR COFFEE — Scr*w perfect, make impact

Anak’s Bettr Coffee rebrand embraces imperfection with a visually striking and authentically flawed design. The characters of Planet Bettr, fully realized by Anak, introduce a unique world-building approach, reflecting the messy yet relatable journey toward positive change. The design’s typography strikes a balance between welcoming and readable, the color palette exudes confidence, and quirky characters engage users while conveying a direct message. Anak’s design for Bettr Coffee seamlessly marries impact and entertainment, proving that authenticity, even in design flaws, is a powerful visual narrative.


by Wendy Studio

Legendary Monsters is a series of 4 visuals. Each artwork is composed of interlocking shapes, patterns and graphic modules, giving rise to different visual and formal reinterpretations.

Goïa™ Variable Typeface

by Almarena Creative Introducing “Goïa”, a variable sans serif typeface available in 2 styles: A first one, very readable with a touch of originality, ideal for body text and a second one “Display”, more impactful with a more assertive originality. Both styles are available in a variable or static version (9 weights + italics) with many alternates divided into 3 stylistic sets.

Miniatua: Crafting Timeless Beauty in Miniature Vintage Computers

by Nicolas Temese

Discover the mesmerizing world of Nicolas Temese, also known as Miniatua, a visionary artist who specializes in crafting exquisitely detailed miniature replicas of vintage computers and mainframes.

What sets Miniatua’s work apart is his relentless pursuit of accuracy. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted with an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of the original. This dedication to precision has birthed a collection of breathtaking replicas, among them a scaled-down model of the iconic 1959 IBM 5150 personal computer.

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