Weekly Designers Update #452

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Hello, design world. How has your week been?

Me? Oh, nothing much, I just wrapped up the new edition of Designers Update, and I’m excited to share it with you. Here are some inspiring projects that caught my radar this week:

  • Couple of unconventional websites from established design studios. Be sure to check out Rob Hemus if you like pixely stuff and TWOMUCH.STUDIO if you prefer more round floaty 3D stuff.
  • A quirky little browser game / WebGPU capability experiment from Kris Temmerman — Food for Fish. Perfect for old school point-and-click game lovers.
  • Whether you are a fan of AI or not, Freepik’s image generator has been one of our favorites for a while now.
  • And of course, more news, handpicked tools to improve your design workflow such as Figma plugins, design templates and more.

Check out the full list below and see you next week,

- Eyal from Muzli

Web design inspiration

Rob Hemus | Design Collective


Food For Fish

Watches And Wonders Geneva Edition 2024 | Cartier®

Product Spotlight

The latest AI Image Generator by Freepik

Transform your ideas into stunning images in real-time with Freepik AI Image Generator. Customize prompts, styles, and settings, and enhance results with tools like Reimagine and Upscaler.


Your users are speaking! — The discovery tool for busy product teams.

Spend more time shipping value, less low-added manual work. Centralize your user feedback automatically, identify patterns and push them to your delivery tool.

Supercharge your UX research analysis with Condens

Make storing, analyzing and sharing all research data easier, faster and more enjoyable

Figmap — Figma plugin

Fully customisable styled maps and markers.

Create variables for typography (from text styles)

This plugin reads your existing styles and creates newly launched variables for typography.

Design Resources

Notdash — Framer template

Notdash is a dashboard-styled framer template to showcase your work as a creativ

Isometric Ecommerce and Online Shopping

Isometric Ecommerce for Online Shopping and Ecommerce Business

Qupe — Saas & Startup Framer Template

Welcome to Qupe, where innovation meets design in the world of Saas and startup website templates. Fuel your entrepreneurial journey with our meticulously crafted and fully customizable template.

LikeaBoss — SaaS & Startup Framer Template

Meet LikeaBoss — the framer template that’s perfect for SaaS and startup websites. It’s your ticket to effortlessly crafting a sleek online presence with cool layouts and modern vibes, bringing you both efficiency and style!

Design inspiration

Cace Dashboard by Halo UI/UX for HALO LAB

Podcast by Geex Arts

Dark-UI by DStudio® for Dstudio Tech

BLABLABLA! by lomomolo !

Life goes on by Rai Wang

Creamly. by Pocket Rocket Agency and Anya Protsenko

AI — Argentine Intelligence by The Negra

Bong Hoa Nho exhibition by Xuan Phan, Sáng Minh Nguyễn, Mai Kan and Tuong Vi Ng

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