Weekly Designers Update #460

Published by Muzli on July 7, 2024
Weekly Designers Update #460

Hey pixel addicts,

You have no idea how happy I am to see you back this week! I just read an article about the future of smart cities. For instance, did you know that in some smart cities, sidewalks are designed to generate electricity from the footsteps of pedestrians? It’s fascinating to think about how design can influence and improve our daily lives in such environments. This got me thinking about how powerful design truly is, and how it shapes our experiences in countless ways. Speaking of great design, it’s time to take a break, put your feet up, maybe even pretend you’re on a tropical beach, and dive into this week’s top design inspirations:

  • Ashfall Studio: Check out their impressive web design with stunning interactions.
  • Triptych: Engaging interactive experiences that captivate and inspire.
  • Figma Slides: The first presentation tool built specifically for designers and their teams.
  • Weather by Slava Kornilov: A beautifully designed weather app with elegant UI/UX.

Check out the full list below and see you around next week,

Eyal from Muzli

Web design inspiration

Ashfall Studio | Empowering Brands Through Strategy, Design and Technology

Sigma Software Design

Triptych — Engaging Interactive Experiences

Rodeo Film, Creative Production Collective

Design Resources

3D Emoji Collection

Elevate your mobile app, UI/UX, and web design projects with the 3D Emoji Collection, adding a unique and eye-catching element to your designs.

Icoonia Pro | 8.000+ Ultimate Vector Icon

8000+ system icons for your project websites, desktop, mobile apps and your de


Modern Serif Typeface Font

Cohesion — Dynamic Animated Framer Portfolio

Designed for agencies, portfolios, and personal brands, it seamlessly blends minimalist aesthetics with dynamic animations. Showcase your work in style with a sleek interface that flawlessly adapts to any device.

Product Spotlight

Figma Slides

The first presentation tool built for designers and their teammates.

Motiff – Design Tool for AI Era

AI-powered professional UI design tool. Take your AI adventure today.


Create awesome effects like Skeuomorph, Neon, Glitch, Reflection, Glass, Gradient, etc. right in Figma!

Dorik AI — Create Your Websites in Minutes with AI

Build websites in minutes with the #1 AI website building platform


Design inspiration

Emotion Tracker by Martin Strba

Weather by Slava Kornilov for Geex Arts

Real Estate’s Landing page by Ghulam Rasool 🚀 for Upnow Studio

PayPie — Financial website by Hridoy✺Ahmed

Heyo Summer by Courtney Askew for Heyo

Shape Studies: 056 by Ray Dak Lam

Your energy introduces you… by Roberlan Borges Paresqui


NUAOOK Beauty brand design by 不知名商店 NOKNOW LAB

By Bill McCool

Shade by — Carthagos

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