Dashboard Design Inspirations in 2024

Published by Muzli on July 3, 2024
Dashboard Design Inspirations in 2024

Let’s talk about gathering inspiration and the eternal debate: should we take inspiration from places like dribbble?

When I start a new design project, I always begin with a big cup of coffee and a healthy dose of inspiration. My process for gathering inspiration is divided into two main stages. In the first stage, I look for functional examples of existing designs — ones that look great and work even better. This helps me build a solid foundation for designing and planning the interface, something that both clients and users can appreciate and understand.

But then comes the really fun part — the second stage. Here, I start looking for unconventional and even a bit quirky examples. For instance, let’s say I’m interested in designing dashboards. I gather designs that are less about practicality and more like digital art. Why? Because sometimes it’s important to see exaggerated and futuristic designs to open up new creative directions. I might not use all the crazy ideas I find, but even a single unique element — like an interesting hover effect, an unusual grid layout, or a surprising font — can add that special twist to my design.

As Picasso famously said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” When you understand what works and what doesn’t, you don’t need to be afraid of exploring bold design inspiration because you’ll know how to evaluate it and take only what you need.

This approach works great for me, but I’m sure everyone has their own method, and that’s perfectly fine.

So, in this post, I want to share some totally unconventional dashboards inspiration. These designs can spark your imagination and open your mind to new possibilities. They might not be the most practical, but they’re definitely inspiring. Because sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.


DisputeFox App — Credit Score Dashboard by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Finance Management Dashboard by Bogdan Falin for QClay

Credit Pros SaaS — Credit Score Dashboard by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Storeshop — Dashboard by Dipa Product for Dipa Inhouse

Oracle — Team Management Dashboard by Muhammad Irfan for One Week Wonders

Natz — Sales Analytics Dashboard by Andika Bagass for One Week Wonders

Fundex — UX/UI dashboard design of the crypto loan startup by Outcrowd

HR Management Dashboard — AlignUI Design System by Erşad Başbağ

Monex — UX/UI design of the financial management platform by Outcrowd

Sphere UI: Charts (UI KIT) by THE18.DESIGN

Cloudix | Cloud Storage | Dashboard by Oleksandr Kryvoshei for Glow

Sales dashboard — Untitled UI by Jordan Hughes®

Ticaly — Sales Analytics Dashboard by Firdaus Nur Wachid for One Week Wonders

Salesforce CRM — Sales Analytics Platform by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Sales Analytics Dashboard by Fireart UI/UX for Fireart Studio

Credit Pros App — Credit Score Dashboard by Jack R. for RonDesignLab ⭐️

Xenith-eCommerce dashboard by Muhammad Shofiuddoula for Zeyox Studio

Healthsnap — Medical Healthcare Dashboard by Royhan Muhammad for One Week Wonders

Salesforce CRM — Sales Analytics Platform by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Financial Security App Dashboard by tubik UX for tubik

CRM Dashboard Concept by Ali Husni ✨ for Pickolab Studio

Hospity Dashboard by Halo UI/UX for HALO LAB

Aella Credit Dashboard — Credit Score SaaS by Jack R. for RonDesignLab ⭐️

Edtech App Concept by Bohdan Ratiiev for Zajno

Spectro — Payroll Management Dashboard by Mirna Kusumawati for One Week Wonders

Salesforce CRM — AI Invoice Management SaaS by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Credit Pros App — AI Credit Score Dashboard by Mary S. for RonDesignLab

Usechannel — Online AI Chatbot App by Stav D. for RonDesignLab

Expenses by Geex Arts

QuickBooks CRM — Finance Management Dashboard by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Finance Tracker Mobile iOS App by Svetlana Kolpakova for Purrweb UI/UX Agency

MYGRID — Smart AI Mobile App by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Bank by Geex Arts

Marketing Analytics Mobile UI by Bogdan Nikitin for Nixtio

Cryptocurrency Manager Mobile iOS App by Kristina Taskaeva for Purrweb UI/UX Agency

Admin Dashboard App — Analytics UI by Nixtio

WalletHub Mobile App — Buy & Rent Dashboard by Mary S. for RonDesignLab ⭐️

Analytics by Geex Arts

Health Tracker Mobile App by Everyway

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