How to get more web design clients in 2024?

Published by Muzli on June 28, 2024
How to get more web design clients in 2024?

Whether you are working as a freelance website designer or for an agency, clients are at the heart of this business. But sometimes the phone goes silent for a while, even for the seasoned pro’s. Most of the time it’s just the natural flow of the business, but we know how stress-inducing it can be. So, how do you get more web design clients in 2024? These simple tips will improve your presence in the market and help you find new customer streams.

In person networking with clients is still king. Sorry.

In the age of digital we often overlook one of the most effective ways to get opportunities to get design work — it’s by meeting people, shaking some hands and making connections in the good old ‘real world’.

It might seem natural to ignore things like in-person meetings, meetups, conferences, and discussions — you are a web designer in 2024, after all! But going against this tide could be a huge benefit to you.

Meetup website design by Zaib Ali

Hate to sound stereotypical, but we have been working with designers for almost a decade at Muzli, and we can safely say that designers often lean toward being more introverted. While focusing on the internal world is an absolute superpower in design work, those who can easily create and develop personal relationships gain a significant advantage by standing out from the crowd.

Bonus point: being socially active allows you to find like-minded people who can become not only clients but also personal connections.

Referrals and testimonials of your previous design clients

Personalized recommendations are much more influential than just anonymous five-star reviews on your website. Our psychology makes us trust real people and natural-sounding feedback far more than faceless praise.

Testimonial page design by 60MM

After finishing your projects, always remember to ask for your client’s feedback and permission to share it in the future. It doesn’t always have to be perfect either — a smart potential client realizes that such a complicated process as web design involves solving many challenges along the way. The most important thing to them is how you overcome these challenges and whether you reach the finish line successfully.

Strong portfolio — web designer’s bastion

We have mentioned this time and time again in our guides: having a high-quality portfolio is crucial for every website designer who wants to find more clients. This is where your customers decide whether to hire you or not.

Portfolio website Sharuk Rahman Shawon

Don’t forget to not only focus on high-quality visuals but also add text to explain how you came up with certain decisions and solutions. This shows that you not only have great taste but also understand your client’s business problems and can focus on eliminating them.

To craft a portfolio according to customer needs, try to get into their shoes and think about:

  • Does this portfolio show work relevant to me?
  • Is the style diverse enough to be adaptable to my needs?
  • Does this work show a focus on problem-solving instead of just nice visuals?
  • What was the designer’s thought process in this process?

If you don’t have a portfolio yet or are looking for ways to improve an existing one, check out the most inspiring portfolios from the world’s top web designers on Muzli.

*Top 60 Most Creative and Unique Portfolio Websites of 2023

Showcase your design skills through education

By participating educational activities and sharing your knowledge, you position yourself as a thought leader and expert in your niche. Sharing practical insights and best practices demonstrates your depth of knowledge and commitment to advancing the field. They create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas.

Engaging with your colleagues can lead to new perspectives, creative partnerships, and even potential collaborations on future projects.

Best platforms to find web design work

Today there are numerous platforms to find more clients as a web designer: ContraUpworkFiverFreelancerToptal and many others.

These platforms often have a large volume of job postings making it easy to find projects suited to your skills. However, keep in mind that the competition may be fierce, and commissions can reduce your earnings.

Contrary to popular belief, platforms like these work not only for beginners. There are many mature design businesses that make the most of their revenue through similar sites. Be prepared to invest into building your reputation on each of the platforms.

Upwork redesign by Yeremias NJ

Can web designers still find work on social media?

Social media platforms might be in a tricky situation right now — it’s getting harder and harder to organically reach your clients as a business.

However, there are still ways to get your message out as a website designer and attract more clients. For example, you can participate in discussions on relevant groups on Facebook or build your personal brand on LinkedIn. The key to success here is to stay authentic and share your expertise. Be careful about focusing solely on promoting your business.

Build a strong website. You’ll be judged.

Finally, if you are a web designer looking for more customers, it’s natural that your own website design will be judged by very high standards.It’s probably time to ditch that template from Weebly and other similar tools. (Don’t get us wrong, they’re often great for small businesses!) and focus on creating a truly unique design that stands out from the crowd.

Additionally, don’t ignore the technical aspects of your website. Is it fast enough? Run it through Google’s performance tools. Is the site SEO-friendly? Use analysers like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Additional steps like these will show your clients that you are not only a skilled website designer but also knowledgeable about the complete landscape of the website creation process.

Portfolio website design by Victoria Kozakova

The main secret for finding more clients as a web designer

People love secret sauces, so here it goes.

The main secret is simple: It doesn’t matter so much which client acquisition channels you choose — there are rarely any silver bullets. But no matter where you focus, consistency is what brings you results. As a web designer or design agency, your client stream is directly related to your reputation and reach. This means, you must consistently foster it on selected channels and clients will come.

By implementing and sticking to these strategies, you’ll reach a larger audience, demonstrate your value, and ultimately attract more clients to your website design business.

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