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Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection by Mr Bingo

Mr. Bingo’s “Hate Mail” project is a unique fusion of art and provocation. Renowned for his irreverent approach, Mr. Bingo crafts deliberately offensive postcards, turning negativity into art. What began as a personal experiment evolved into a collaborative venture, with contributions from audiences eager to partake in the creation of artistic hate mail. It’s a testament to the transformative power of creativity, where spiteful sentiments are reimagined as thought-provoking works of art.

Greg Olijnyk Cardboard Artist

Greg Olijnyk, based in Melbourne, Australia, has been running his graphic design studio for the past three decades. In 2017, he ventured into three-dimensional art, transitioning from keyboards to cardboard. His sculptures transform ordinary cardboard into extraordinary objects, showcasing intricate shapes and mechanisms. From cityscapes adorned with crushed beer cans to robot samurais with feathered hats, Olijnyk’s work brims with whimsical character and storytelling. Crafted without plans or digital aids, Olijnyk relies solely on a scalpel blade to bring his creations to life. Realistic joints and LED lights further enhance the charm of his pieces. Each sculpture evolves organically during creation, with every element influenced by the preceding one. This meticulous process, devoid of shortcuts, results in intricately detailed structures, be it a brick, a girder, or a delicate bird, taking weeks to months to complete.

7 A.M Coffee Packaging Design by Omsky Studio

Embracing the artistry of coffee roasting, Omsky Studio’s innovative packaging for 7 A.M Coffee takes inspiration from the delicate nuances of the process. Through the masterful use of gradient effects, evoking the rich tones of roasted beans, the studio artfully presents the diverse spectrum of roast levels, from subtle light to robust dark blends.

Aware — design by Fibra · Branding & Packaging

Step into the world of design transformation with Aware Bio. Witnessing the evolution of cosmetic branding, one project stood out: Aware Bio’s rebranding journey.

Their mission was clear: to shine on the global stage while staying true to their organic roots. Inspired by Peru’s natural beauty, we crafted a botanical illustration that captures the essence of Aware Bio.

Spin -AI music synthesizer by arvind sanjeev

an innovative AI music synthesizer by Arvind Sanjeev. SPIN isn’t just a musical tool — it’s a work of art that showcases the power of AI. Behind its sleek interface lies a combination of off-the-shelf components meticulously assembled to provide both brains and brawn. While using SPIN, you won’t see these inner workings, as they’re cleverly hidden behind a design that encourages playfulness and experimentation. The choice of bright yellow and white colors, uncommon in most synth designs, adds to its jovial character, inviting users to explore new musical territories with joy and creativity.

It’s a Living — Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo Gonzalez, also known as “It’s a Living,” is a visionary artist whose typographic graffiti transcends conventional boundaries. With a background in graphic design, Gonzalez infuses urban landscapes with his signature blend of calligraphy and street art, creating vibrant, dynamic compositions that captivate viewers worldwide.

Fiore · CGI

Fiore CGI is a strikingly bold and abstract design project that creatively evokes elements of the natural world.

Design: ARD Agency Project: Make a Mark III Developed by: Avery Dennison, Estal & Leonhard KURZ

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