Must-Read Blogs for Web Designers in 2024

Published by Muzli on June 17, 2024
Must-Read Blogs for Web Designers in 2024

Keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and best practices in web design is essential for every web designer. Blogs and publications offer an excellent source of continuous learning and inspiration. Here are the must-read blogs for web designers in 2024, including some new and exciting publications you might not know about.

Muzli Blog  (We are very objective)

Muzli is a daily source of inspiration for designers, offering fresh and trending design content, curated collections, and more.

Wix Blog

Offers articles on web design, development, and online marketing, featuring design trends and tips for using the Wix platform.

Adobe Creative Cloud Blog

Covers a wide range of topics related to design, photography, video, and more, with tips and tutorials for using Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

Dribbble Resources

Offers a collection of articles, tips, and tutorials to help designers improve their skills and stay inspired.

Google Design

Provides insights, resources, and stories about design from Google’s perspective, including updates on Material Design.

A List Apart

Focuses on web standards and best practices with in-depth articles and

Smashing Magazine

A comprehensive resource offering articles, tutorials, and eBooks on web design and development. tutorials.

Dropbox Design

Shares insights, stories, and resources from the Dropbox Design team, focusing on design practices, culture, and innovation.


Description: Provides tips, tricks, and techniques on using CSS effectively

Webdesigner Depot

Covers the latest in web design trends, tips, and techniques

Design at Meta

Offers articles, stories, and resources from the Facebook Design team, focusing on design thinking, processes, and the culture behind their products.

Figma Blog

Features articles on design collaboration, product updates, and tips for using Figma to enhance your design workflow.

It’s Nice That

Covers a wide range of creative disciplines, showcasing inspiring work and providing insights into the design industry


Offers web design and development articles, tutorials, and free resources

Creative Bloq

A resource for web and graphic design, 3D, digital art, and more

The DESK Magazine

Offers personal insights, design tips, and career advice from designer Tobias van Schneider.

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Covers design trends, tutorials, and resources for web designers and developers.

The Design Blog

Showcases high-quality design work from young designers worldwide, focusing on unique and inspiring projects.


Offers web design and development tutorials, inspiration, and resources.

Design by Women

Highlights the work and stories of women in design, offering interviews, case studies, and resources to inspire and empower female designers.


A design publication focusing on UX/UI, product design, and prototyping tools. Features articles, resources, and tutorials.

UX Collective

One of the largest design publications on Medium, covering UX, product design, and usability.

Linearity Blog

Offers articles and tutorials on graphic design, vector graphics, and the use of Linearity’s (formerly Vectornator) design tools.


Designlab offers articles and resources for budding designers, with a focus on UX and UI design.

Design Shack

Provides articles, tutorials, and inspiration for web and graphic designers.


A design blog offering daily inspiration and tutorials for designers.

Awwwards Blog

Provides insights on the latest web design trends, showcases award-winning websites, and offers interviews with leading designers.

Creative Bloq

A resource for web and graphic design, 3D, digital art, and more.

BP&O (Branding, Packaging and Opinion)

Provides reviews and showcases of branding and packaging projects, along with expert opinions on design trends.

Shaping Design by Webflow

Webflow’s blog features design inspiration, tips, and case studies on how to build beautiful, responsive websites.

Creative Review

Covers a broad spectrum of design disciplines, offering insights, analysis, and inspiration from the world of creative industries

The Pudding

Specializes in visual essays that explain complex topics through engaging and interactive graphics

Apple & Banana

Focuses on UX research, providing resources, articles, and case studies to help designers create user-centered products

Design Week

Covers news, trends, and insights across various design disciplines, including graphic, digital, and product design

The Dieline

Focuses on packaging design, showcasing innovative and creative packaging projects from around the world.

Made by Folk

Showcases creative work and design projects from a global community of designers and artists


Provides a variety of articles, tutorials, and resources for web designers and developers


Offers tutorials, articles, and resources on web design, covering topics from HTML and CSS to web graphics and UX design

Design Bombs

Features web design tutorials, tips, and resources, focusing on WordPress themes, plugins, and website optimization


Provides web design and development tutorials, resources, and inspiration for designers and developers

Mockplus Blog

Covers a range of topics from UI/UX design to prototyping and collaboration tools.


These blogs and publications are treasure troves of knowledge, inspiration, and practical advice. By keeping up with these must-read resources, you’ll stay informed about the latest trends, techniques, and tools in web design, ensuring your skills and knowledge remain up-to-date.

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