30 Great Free Trendy Fonts for 2024

Published by Muzli on January 28, 2024
30 Great Free Trendy Fonts for 2024

Choosing the right font can make a significant impact on the visual appeal of your project. As we step into 2024, let’s explore 30 outstanding free fonts that can add creativity and style to your designs.

In this post, we’re excited to share a collection of free fonts for the year 2024. However, it’s crucial to note that a significant portion of these fonts may be free only for trial versions or personal use.

It’s essential for users to be aware of the licensing terms associated with each font they choose to download and utilize. Fonts often come with specific licensing agreements that dictate the acceptable usage scenarios. Some fonts are free for personal use but may require a license for commercial projects. Additionally, trial versions may have limitations on usage.

1. Brenat — Layered Sans Serif Font

Introducing Brenat, a modern and versatile Layered Sans Serif Font that effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of contemporary flair. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Brenat is designed to elevate your creative projects to new heights. Its clean lines, balanced proportions, and unique layering options make it a standout choice for a wide range of applications.

2. KRICO — Retro Bubble Font

Krico is a font with an attractive bubble style from ViactionType. Available in 6 style options, perfect for designs with retro, fun and children’s themes.

3. Enchanted Tales — Outstanding Font.

Enchanted Tales” is a captivating serif font that offers a blend of classic elegance and modern versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of creative projects. This font boasts an impressive support for 87 languages, ensuring global accessibility and inclusivity in your designs. One of the standout features of Enchanted Tales is its extensive collection of over 150 ligature glyphs, each meticulously crafted to add a unique touch of sophistication and flair to your text.

4. Quakers Retro Bold Script Typeface

Quakers is the evolution of the font, ‘Cuanky,’ in its italic version,transformed into a captivating script typeface. Embracing the essence of retro design, Quakers exudes an aura of vintage elegance combined with modern boldness and elegance.

5. Anti Design Endeavour

The manifestation of how we define balance is Anti Design. We believe that balance should not be fixed, having the same size or worth. Balance can be achieved through contrast, colour, or anything else, and it can also be asymmetrical. By combining several types of fonts, such as italic, serif, script, and vintage, we may establish an asymmetrical balance while maintaining harmony.

6. Lokanova — Modern Bold Font

Lokanova is a display font with a sans serif type designed in a bold and unique style to give the impression of a firm but still playful design. Lokanova is available with uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol and multilingual

7. Keyute — Fun Display Font

Introducing Keyute Typeface — a font from Dryy.type that embodies all the playful charm and whimsy of the current K-POP trend. Created with versatility in mind, this font is the perfect choice for elevating your designs to the next level.

8. Angel Club Font — Retro Vintage

Angel Club font is a retro serif and bold display font. You will get four types of fonts in this pack, Regular, slanted and Shadow version. Use this display font to add that special retro touch to any design idea you can think of!

9. Super Vibes Font — Retro Font!

Super Vibes font is a retro groovy display font. Use this display font to add that special retro touch to any design idea you can think of!. Masterfully designed to become a true favorite, this font has the potential to bring each of your creative ideas to the highest level!

10. Katherine Thompson

Say hello to Katherine Thompson! Monoline signature script font. Stylish casual charm makes it appear readable, and, ultimately, incredibly versatile for branding, logo, blog headline, photography, watermark, social media posts, advertisements, product designs, labels, stationery, wedding designs, product packaging, special events, or anything that need a stylish casual taste.

11. Tropi Land Font — Monoline Handwritten

Tropi Land font is a wavy, playful and natural handwritten sans serif font. You will find many ligatures and alternate character in it. This font is perfect for creating logo, watermark, branding, wedding invitation, quote, tagline, or anything else. Let’s make something beautiful project with this.

12. Binlay — Freestyle Script Font

This font inspired by freestyles that are trending at the moment such as urban style and several other styles.

This font is perfect for professional touch makes this font more elegant and suitable for all types of projects you are working on. But this font is also suitable for logos, branding, greeting cards, invitation cards, advertisements, titles, healines, book titles, stickers, packaging, quotes, posters, t-shirts/apparel, billboards and others.

13. Holingston Brush Font

Holingston is a Handwritten brush script that is written casual and naturaly. the letters are made with brushes on paper and then scanned carefully drawn into vector format. This typeface is ideal for use in any professional project, such as blog titles, posters, wedding elements, t-shirts, clothing, book covers, business cards, greeting cards, branding, merchandise etc. It has 4 styles, regular, regular slant, clean and clean slant variations, this package is also has many alternatives underlines that make your text and design more interesting.

14. Elf Type

Elf Type is a whimsical and playful font designed with a touch of fantasy.

Its characters have a unique and enchanting style, making it suitable for creative and lighthearted projects.

This font is not only visually appealing but also comes with the added bonus of being fully free for both personal and commercial use. However, it’s important to note that the font is prohibited for resale. This ensures that it remains accessible to a wide audience without any commercial restrictions.

15. Stara Sans Serif Font

Stara Sans Serif Font is a sans serif font family that combines simplicity with elegance. With its clean design and balanced proportions, this font gives off a modern and professional feel. Each letter is carefully designed to ensure optimal clarity and legibility.

16. Atleigh Typeface

Atleigh Typeface, an Art Deco typeface that combines elegance and modernity. With six weights, twelve styles, and OpenType features, it offers versatility for various design needs. Atleigh provides two optical choices — Display and Headline. Additionally, it’s available as a variable font for ultimate customization.

17. Shine Coasty Font

Shine Coasty font is a retro serif and bold display font. You will get alternate characters such as swash on some characters. Use this display font to add that special retro touch to any design idea you can think of!.

18. Scalone — Psychedelic Display Font

Introducing Scalone — Psychedelic Display Font, a vibrant and mesmerizing typeface that effortlessly blends the retro charm of psychedelic art with a modern twist. This font is a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the bold spirit of the unconventional.

19. Bulbis — Bubble Graffiti Font

This unique bubble font is inspired by graffiti and street art, infused with a modern layout that is sure to stand out. The font also incorporates a mix of y2k culture and streetwear visuals, which are currently trending in design identities.

20. New Roshelyn Script

Introducing New Roshelyn (Extra Light Version ) Free Font, a new carefully crafted and nicely balanced curve on script typefaces with personality. Also with Extrude Version and Swash Tail make it look Retro. You can use it as a logo, badge, insignia, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, wedding invitation, etc.

21. Smothy Font

Smothy is a cute and fun display font with bubble style. You will get three types of fonts in this pack, Regular, Bubble and Shadow version. Use this display font to add that special bubble touch to any design idea you can think of!


22. Meqanor — Unique Display Serif

Meqanor, a typeface in a league of its own, belongs to the distinguished category of display serifs, designed to make a statement and capture attention. Crafted with precision and creativity, Meqanor stands out as a unique and distinctive font that brings a touch of sophistication to any design.

23. Zealandia

Zealandia stands out in the world of typography as a humanist sans serif font, renowned for its versatility and adaptability. This font’s journey began as a unique request from the creator’s spouse, who needed a font suitable for map-making. Embracing this challenge, the creator expanded the scope of Zealandia, crafting it into a font that not only excels in cartographic applications but also shines in various other contexts.

24. Neue Regrade

Neue Regrade is a free to use sophisticated variable sans serif typeface, which combines the smooth curves of gothic typography and the slight inktraps in modern typefaces. It started as a university project, but due to my obsession to the beauty of typography I made them 6 weights with matching slant, some ligatures and some styles including the letter a, g, o, f, t and k.

25. Dream Sparks Shiny Font

Dream Spark Font is a bubble font with a lively appearance that will fill your designs with cheerfulness! It’s great for covers, posters, spring designs, marketing materials, and anything that needs to stand out!


26. Romancelia — Romantic Display Condensed Font

Introducing Romancelia — a stunning display condensed font designed to bring an air of Romance and Valentines movie. Romancelia Romantic Condensed Font is an exquisite typeface that effortlessly captures the essence of romance and elegance. This condensed font is meticulously crafted to convey a sense of intimacy and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for projects that require a touch of love and charm.

27. Enjoy Forest Font

Enjoy Forest font is a retro serif and bold display font. You will get three types of fonts in this pack, Regular, Outline and Shadow version. Use this display font to add that special retro touch to any design idea you can think of!

28. Uphoria Endeavour

Uphoria is a modern serif display with a distinct curve that retains a serif sense along with each glyph. Experimental design, on the other hand, disregards design standards while retaining balance. Carefully created and developed, and appropriate for all design requirements.

29. Cutie Kitty — Cute Handwriting

Cutie Kitty Font is a simple, modern and natural handwritten font. This font is perfect for creating logo, watermark, branding, wedding invitation, quote, tagline, or anything else. Let’s make something beautiful project with this.

30. Giyaste Font

Giyaste Font is an elegant serif font combined with a classy and modern style. This type of font is very suitable for your various needs such as branding projects, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, labels,

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