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Last update: 4/21/2024

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Fashion E commerce Landing Page

Hi Dribbblers I am super excited to share with you my new work e-commerce shop web template design with full layout. Let us know your opinion >> << and Stay with me Happy Designing :) We are available for Projects. Estimate your project at engshamimhossain111@gmail.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us to see our future works :) How do you like it? Eager to hear your feedback :) Cheers! Press "L" to appreciate it.

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Startup | Agency Landing Page

Today my challenge designing Startup | Agency Landing page. It was client work, I am trying to customize this work and try to more visual appears and also try a different color scheme. I hope you'll like it. I invite you all to rebound this shot and create your own visual exercise. Full Project view CLICK HERE Press L to like. Available For Hire Full-time position (Remote), Contract, Project basis . Email: mithunrayy@gmail.com Follow me on Dribbble | Behance | uplabs | Twitter | Linkdin | Instagram

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Business Consulting landing page

I hope everyone is safe and sound. Here is another shot. I designed Desserts Business growing page for the . it can help others to develop more ideas from this. I keep it simple and minimal. It can also help you find different options in exploring and improving your skillsDon't forget to tell me which of the serice you like the most.I hope you will like this. Press L to like and write your comment to give your feedback. Stay tuned for more shots.Thanks for watching. 

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What is a landing page and why it is so important to care about how it looks?

In general, in the digital marketing world a "landing page" is a page on a website that targets specific audience with a specific Call to Action (CTA) designed to convert visitors into leads, registered users, download software, fill out a form, start using a product or service- or anything that creates value to the company. A page dedicated to conversion.
For example, you want users to leave their email address so you could offer them great deals on the amazing products you sell from time to time.

Alas, many landing page examples have become very similar both in structure and appearance, almost identical as if they all came out of the same cookie cutter- there is a title, a very short paragraph conveying the core message and a CTA, usually accompanied with an illustrated or a photo background.

Although this structure proved to be effective, it makes it very hard to tell landing pages apart, which over time caused them to be perceived almost as banners with all the drawbacks that holds.
So why should you care about landing page design? Because it’s important to stand out in order to get your audience’s attention, and that’s all about design. Good design.

We've also recently published an article about what makes a great designed landing page and best practices. You should definitely check it out.

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