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New Year, New Behance Profile and Project Page

New Year, New Behance Profile and Project Page ibbyJan 18, 2019 If you haven’t taken notice already, one of our favorite portfolio tools just got more beautiful and more collaborative. Behance, our go-to platform for creative inspiration and discovery, has just updated its profile and project page to allow all of us more flexibility to customize our work for more impact.   Updates include: A larger cover image to better highlight creative work. Customizable banner images to add a touch of personality and stay on brand. A brand-new project page that includes project and creator information at the top and bottom of the page while showcasing buttons such as Share, Save, Follow and Appreciate to encourage collaboration and communication. These updates are the first of 2019 and beautifully enhance the creative journey on a platform we already know and love. A terrific compliment, we’d say, to all the updates made in 2018. Thanks, Behance for supporting the global creative community in so many incredible ways! New Behance Profile  

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Visual Design Inspiration for your Monday Morning

Visual Design Inspiration for your Monday Morning abduzeedo Jul 02, 2018 Monday is always the perfect day to spend some time to collect some visual design inspiration and set some goals for the week. With that in mind, there's nothing better than getting tons of references. In the past, I used to go through books and magazines, but with the web now things are way easier. So for this post, I would like to share some of the UI design inspiration I have been collecting during the weekend for the upcoming redesign of Abduzeedo, which I will have more to share very soon.  So for this post, I would like to share some references in web design, app design or simply put, pure design inspiration. Visual Design Inspiration visual design

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Muse + Mettā Kombucha Brand Identity by Kati Forner

Muse + Mettā Kombucha Brand Identity by Kati Forner ibbyJun 10, 2019 It's no secret we're big fans of the work coming from Kati Forner Design having showcased some past work of hers here on Abduzeedo. Of late we're swooning over the most recent work for Kombucha brand Muse + Mettā founded by Trent Brokie . Most definitely the most beautiful Kombucha bottle we ever did see, I can picture myself enjoying the Wild Blueberry and Lavender steep and then repurposing this gorgeous bottle as a home decor piece. The concept behind the work goes something like this: The color of each flavor complements the ingredient profile highlighting Muse + Mettā Kombucha's identity as more than just a beverage but a culture of health, art, and possibility. While you're here, be sure to check Muse + Mettā's Instagram page for a visual schooling on how to launch a product on this social platform in the most beautiful way.   We believe food can feed us both physically and creatively. Brewed with fruits, flowers and herbs from around the world coupled with a passion for modern design and wellness to create a truly sensory experience    

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Gustavo Perg 2019 Illustration Work

Gustavo Perg 2019 Illustration Work abduzeedoAug 27, 2019 Gustavo Perg shared a beautiful set of illustrations that he has created in 2019 so far. If you scroll down to the end of the page you will be able to agree with me that 2019 has been an incredible year for Gustavo because the quality and style of his illustration work is off the charts.  For those interested to know about Gustavo, he is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo Brazil, we definitely recommend that you check out his portfolio at https://www.behance.net/gustavopergoli  

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Chromatic Pastels Brings Joy to Light Effects Lovers Like Me

Chromatic Pastels Brings Joy to Light Effects Lovers Like Me abduzeedoJul 11, 2019 Chromatic Pastels continues Shane Griffin exploration into diffractive light, this series sees the vibrant chromatic palette juxtaposed against subtle pastel environments. If you follow the blog you will know that we have already featured Shane and his amazing work here on ABDZ, and this set is once again worth sharing especially if you, like me, are into light effects. Also,  18" x 24" Prints available from Shane’s Shopify page.  Chromatic Pastels More information Shane Griffin is an Irish born Director & Artist. His work spans a broad range of disciplines, from animation and live action, to sculpture and CGI. Shane has created work for some of the worlds leading brands & agencies. Named an ADC Young Gun in 2012, & Print Magazine's New Visual Artist '15 Under 30'  in 2015, his art film Chromatic was premiered at TED 2018 “Age Of Amazement” He's directed films for Apple, Google, Microsoft, Ford, and Adidas. Follow on Instagram for more real-time content, or visit the shop to purchase prints

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Visual Design Concepts for Redesigned Patagonia Site and Mobile

Visual Design Concepts for Redesigned Patagonia Site and Mobile abduzeedoJan 08, 2019 Concept projects are always fun and give us the opportunity to work on different ideas or solutions for companies we love. I am a believer that any exercise is always worth doing. I would probably not use a concept project in my portfolio, unless it’s something that I believe highlights a particular set of skills, let’s say, motion design. With that in mind, I think everyone should be always practicing, if you don’t have a personal brand to use as subject, taking your favorite company might do just fine like the project that MinJi Seo shared on Behance using Patagonia. It’s interesting to see how MinJi describes the company and tries to illustrate the creative process based on that. I believe this project is a visual design exercise more than UX based on the information. Also if you compare the real site with the one she proposes, you will notice that her interpretations is much more minimalist in terms of links on the page. I believe for company that needs to sell merchandise, it’s important to have most of the links. I might be wrong, but as I said, I will treat this as a pure visual design inspiration and for that I believe it’s worth sharing here on ABDZ. Visual Design  

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Banking App Design Inspiration

Banking App Design Inspiration AoiroStudioAug 21, 2019 A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup just for you. For this week, I decided to surf Dribbble with the mindset of 'banking app design' inspiration. With the launch of the Apple Card, designers are taking a stab at experimenting with concepts and they are filled with 'gradients'. Yes! It's coming back for real, what do you think? In this collection we are featuring the work from Vadim Drut, Brave Wings, sam angeli, Alexander Plyuto and more. More Links For more, check out Dribbble via Dribbble Vadim Drut Brave Wings sam angeli Alexander Plyuto Adrian Reznicek Victa Wille Wahab Alexander Plyuto Brave Wings Sandro Tavartkiladze Afterglow Bakhtiyar Afterglow Bakhtiyar Brave Wings Brave Wings> For more, check out Dribbble

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Monday Morning Web Design Inspiration

Monday Morning Web Design Inspiration abduzeedo Jun 25, 2018 I have started working on the new version of ABDZ, at least I have that goal and I am already creating mood boards for visual references. Web design is at a very mature state, at least from the static mockup design point of view. The line between print and digital in terms of editorial design is getting completely blurred. I selected some mockups I found o Dribbble to illustrate my point. There are still several open questions on these proposals, especially for me, the fact that they are, as I said, static. Most of them have a fixed size, which I imagine is the above the fold area, however, screen sizes. Not only that, I believe that people, like me, might also have their browser window, not in full-screen mode on Mac Os. So those add yet another set of constraints. Anyways, the designs are very inspiring and there are many components I am definitely adopting/adapting on the new Abduzeedo site. Web design web design

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Editorial Design: 90s Look of Hypebeast 20 - The X Issue

Editorial Design: 90s Look of Hypebeast 20 - The X Issue abduzeedo Jun 25, 2018 Hypebeast 20 — The X Issue is an editorial design project created by Hybrid Design studio. The designers behind this beautiful project were Carl-Hampus Vallin, Patchara Charoensiri, Frédérique Gravier, Olivia Ward, Dave Weber. For me, one of the most interesting things about this projects is the visual cues from the 90s and the deconstructivism graphic design. From the mix of the classic editorial layout with handwriting elements to the way the imagery is arranged on the page, the references are quite apparent and point back to Raygun and other David Carson projects. However, this one is much more usable and readable which is great. This project also makes me wonder if the 90s are coming back at full swing. I have seen other projects sharing some of the same aesthetics and there are movies coming that will be set on that decade, the biggest one being Captain Marvel, which will be a huge one to be released next year. Credits Studio: Hybrid-design.com Creative Direction: Brett Newman Designers: Carl-Hampus Vallin, Patchara Charoensiri, Frédérique Gravier, Olivia Ward, Dave Weber Editorial Design   editorial design

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Web Design Spotlight: Giga Tamarasvili

Web Design Spotlight: Giga Tamarasvili  abduzeedo Jul 30, 2018 Giga Tamarasvili is a designer based in Tbilisi, Georgia and he has been sharing some very inspiring web design projects on his Dribbble profile. They all feature a very simple and highly editorial style. There's a great typography contrast, which helps with the hierarchy of the page as well as an always excellent imagery selection. I particularly like the style of his work, it seems to be what I call the new trend in web design. You can see a clear grid, perhaps 12 or 16 columns, and there's always a big bold headline followed by small texts used for either navigation or regular content. They are also quite flat, no shadows, very much like a printed paper on a stylish magazine. My biggest concern as I try to recreate this style for Abduzeedo is how it would adapt for different screen sizes. I understand that they probably will work amazingly well for desktop cases when the screen is at 16x9 or 4x3. But what happened when you have a massive monitor or a small laptop? How do they look on portrait mode on iPad? I'd love to see those explorations when designers present this type of work. Nonetheless, it's quite inspiring.  For more information about Giga make sure to check out his work at: Dribbble Behance Facebook Instagram Web design   web design

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Incredible Animations by James Curran

Incredible Animations by James Curran abduzeedoMar 29, 2019 I have a Chrome extension that loads Dribbble posts on a grid on every new tab I open, it's a great way to take a break from whatever I am doing and find some inspiration, or make the experience of opening a new tab more exciting than just a blank page. The best thing about that though is that I get to discover some incredible work from UI to motion and the work of James Curran is on top of my list of favorites. James Curran is an animaiton director that likes to make gifs and he does that incredibly well. The animations are full of character, super smooth and the most amazing thing for me is that he creates these perfect loops that almost melt my brain. I selected some for this post for you to check it out. For more information about James, make sure you check out his website at http://www.slimjimstudios.com/ GIF Animations  

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Undivided Rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry

Undivided Rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry AoiroStudioMay 20, 2019 holy ™ is an agency of all sorts of services, from branding all the way to the user interface design. Based in Athens, Greece, they shared on their Behance, a major rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry. They have revamped their entire look from visual identity, UI/UX, iconography, illustrations, animations and even copywriting. Useberry is an intuitive user-testing tool, which provides codeless prototype analytics. Props to the entire team at holy ™ for this amazing work, I love the fact they used the Inter UI font by Rasmus Andersson. I also appreciate the fact they shared UI design for the results page for example. Something we dearly get to see on published projects, usually we rarely get passed the "sign-up onboarding". A great challenge though was useberry platform’s UI/UX design, which not only needed to be light, clean and intuitive, but also able to address design community’s claims for functional and good design. More Links Studio Site Behance Visual Identity User Onboarding Dashboard Test Sharing Prototype Creation Results Follow holy™ on Behance

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Get Inspired by the Best Design Portfolios - June Edition

Get Inspired by the Best Design Portfolios - June Edition abduzeedoJul 08, 2019 Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider. I’m the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio system for creatives. We’re teaming up with Abduzeedo to share inspiring design portfolios each month. Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from product designers, design directors, digital designers, art directors and more – all created without templates using Semplice. Adi Dizdarevic We always preach showing personality on your portfolio, and Adi Dizdarevic does it well. His homepage greets you with an animated introduction, scrolling through “random facts” about himself. His case studies read like museum plaques, setting up his work in a sophisticated way.  Nathan Smith Nathan Smith’s homepage, complete with slick scrolling and hover animations, makes an immediate impression. His project pages are equally striking, each designed uniquely to complement the work. Chris Cyran Chris Cyran chooses a one-page approach for his portfolio, each image opening in a single lightbox. The fixed “C” on his homepage brands every piece of as you scroll through. I only wish we knew more details about his projects and the role he played in the work.  Jill Southern Jill Southern’s portfolio is poised and polished, with a large thumbnail grid on her homepage and clean, succinct case studies within. Her About page is straightforward as well, all of it working together to set a professional tone on her site. 

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Pure Inspiration hand-picked from Dribbble by Robin Har, Fiasco and more

Pure Inspiration hand-picked from Dribbble by Robin Har, Fiasco and more AoiroStudioJan 23, 2019 Let's get a mid-week burst of inspiration! Here we are with a new PURE INSPIRATION collection filled with amazing and hand-picked shots from Dribbble. What do we have today? A very cool animated poster by Fontfabric, an interesting approach of a task management UI for a mobile app by Fiasco, a lovely 2018 faves by Laura Dillema and more. It's definitely a collection to bookmark, it's always inspiring to see how this community keeps building at a remarkable pace. I hope you will enjoy! More Links For more, check out Dribbble via Dribbble Design by Fontfabric Design by Robin Har Design by utesless Design by Fiasco Design by Laura Dillema Design by Desislava Danova Design by Josh Lewis Design by Bonhomme Design by Shafiuddin Ahmed Tareq Design by Sameer Gurav Design by 努力 Design by Landon Cooper Design by Joey Ellis Design by Mark Forge Design by Martin Wickstrom Design by Suhayel Ahmed Nasim Design by Taylor Perrin Design by Krzysztof Nowak Design by rohan rahian Design by Alex Sailer Design by Nicolas Solerieu Design by Anton Yefimenko Design by mr.alidoost Design by Lorenzo Dolfi Design by Cuberto Design by Jay Fletcher Design by Eddie Lobanovskiy

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UI Inspiration: This week's selections from CANAAN, Adrian van Os and more

UI Inspiration: This week's selections from CANAAN, Adrian van Os and more AoiroStudio Jun 21, 2018 It's that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX interactions to boost your UI inspiration. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more. We are mixing it all from static, dynamic and even live prototypes, this might be a great weekly series to bookmark! This week, we decided to go all over the place with web designs, app designs and some interactions. During the buzz of the World Cup, check out this very cool animation from Leo Natsume. In this collection we are featuring the work from CANAAN, Adrian van Os, Kyle Troutman, Curtis Lee and more. More Links For more, check out Dribbble Follow my tweets @aoirostudio Follow my pictures on Instagram via Dribbble Design by CANAAN Design by Adrian van Os Design by Kyle Troutman Design by Curtis Lee Design by bouchra Design by Mahady Hasan Rony Design by M Rizky Edriansyah Design by Matt Wojtaś Design by Anatoly Design by Kerem Suer Design by Olga Suhinina Design by Tolik Nguyen Design by Giga Tamarashvili Design by Leo Natsume Design by Eddie Lobanovskiy Design by Cuberto ui inspiration UI/UX ui design interaction design

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Web Design Inspiration: Landing Pages

Web Design Inspiration: Landing Pages AoiroStudioApr 29, 2020 Working at building a product, as a designer. I spend most of my days designing and chasing down tickets to stack up enough work for the 'development build cycles'. Recently, I had a ticket that required a 'landing page'. It has been a little while since my last design and I decided to give a thought and do surf on Dribbble. There a lot of cool stuff but also repetitive designs by sharing a common behavior. But most of them were pretty cool, I decided to share a couple of them in this feature. Check it out and please enjoy all these little but yet very clever transitions on a 'landing page'. By Zak Steele-Eklund By Zak Steele-Eklund By Daniel Tan By Outcrowd By Stian By Cuberto By Cuberto By Filip Justić By Alexander Plyuto By Cuberto By Ben Schade By Vladimir Gruev By Julien Renvoye By Zak Steele-Eklund By Cuberto By Minh Pham   More on Dribbble

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Design Tool: Hawkeye Brings Eye Tracking Tests to All via iOS app

Design Tool: Hawkeye Brings Eye Tracking Tests to All via iOS app abduzeedoApr 04, 2019 I have been designing interface for software for the past 20 years. When I started, back in 1998 in Brazil, one of the biggest challenges and constraints was the difficult access to resources and design tools to test the work being done. When you are designing for huge audiences we need to be able to optimize for the best way to organize the information. Fast forwarding to today, I am always amazed by the fast pace that things are evolving but at the same time getting easily accessible to us. For example, I just learned about Hawkeye, it’s an mobile app that  lets you conduct eye tracking tests on an iOS device, and the best, no extra hardware needed. That is insane, honestly and I am so excited that I had to share it here today. Understand exactly how people use your products. Design tool Hawkeye Hawkeye makes it simple to test your products, whether you’re a designer, marketer, or researcher. Our tools give you the flexibility to test everything from prototypes to finished products. Best of all, you can get up and running in just a few minutes.   Understand exactly how people use your products. Learn what’s eye catching, what’s confusing, and what could be improved. Easily Sharable Segment By Page View Numerical Stats Export Results Screenshots How to get it For more information check out https://www.usehawkeye.com/

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Food Delivery App UI Kit Dark Food App

Hello Everyone, This is Food Delivery mobile app concept. Hope you all like it. I attached all source files and output images. The perfect UI Kit for the modern food delivery business. This is a delivery mobile UI Kit for iOS, made with Adobe XD.Download Freebie from Ui jungleDownload Light VersionI am available for new projects! Leave me a message in the shadakinislam@gmail.comAll ScreensFast Screen (Welcome Screen)Create an account (On Boarding)Log in to your account (On Boarding)Enjoy our service (On Boarding)Register PageSign In PageProfile - About PageProfile – History PageHome PageFavorites PageSearch PageSearch Items PageProduct Details PageCart PageCheckout PageSVG illustrations used from: www.undraw.co

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Food Delivery App UI Kit Dark Food App

Hello Everyone, This is Food Delivery mobile app concept. Hope you all like it. I attached all source files and output images. The perfect UI Kit for the modern food delivery business. This is a delivery mobile UI Kit for iOS, made with Adobe XD.Download Freebie from Ui jungleDownload Light VersionI am available for new projects! Leave me a message in the shadakinislam@gmail.comAll ScreensFast Screen (Welcome Screen)Create an account (On Boarding)Log in to your account (On Boarding)Enjoy our service (On Boarding)Register PageSign In PageProfile - About PageProfile – History PageHome PageFavorites PageSearch PageSearch Items PageProduct Details PageCart PageCheckout PageSVG illustrations used from: www.undraw.co

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Minimalist UI/UX Design for Avaya

Minimalist UI/UX Design for Avaya abduzeedo Jul 03, 2018 Munseong Yeom and Seongmin LEE shared an awesome UI/UX design post on their Behance profile. It is titled Avaya and it includes much more than just the interface, it's actually a full branding project, including the logo. For this post, I want to feature it more because of the website and the interface, but below you can see the full description of the project.  Logo Avaya intuitively shows the viewers about the mountains all over the world. The logo is designed with the motif of the shape of the mountain, expressed by the alphabet “A” in the center, and the vibrating frequency, and consists of the expressions "alive/vibration/young /aim” It intended to express the process of getting out of the repetitive and dull everyday life by feeling the living mountain and constantly reaching the youth and passion. Situation People today easily find and share information through media, such as many websites and social applications.But the social network works by exchanging and spreading the information rather than merely exposing a brand, it takes time to find the needed information. Avaya will gather the scattered information and provide faster and intuitive information.Avaya is believed to be a sharing community that provides information about worldwide mountains and share the reviews by the users. About UI/UX There are functions to search mountains by its name, by location and also about unknown mountains. Each mountain page is composed of card-type content, and it provides basic information including altitude, temperature, traveling route and location, and you also can find photos, videos, and reviews by the users. It has been designed with a simple and optimized design to view the information easier and more intuitive. UI/UX Design UI/UX

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Augmented Reality & Typography is the Perfect Match

Augmented Reality & Typography is the Perfect Match abduzeedoAug 29, 2019 We have published some posts in the past about the perfect match that Augmented Reality (AR) and Typography make, so when we saw the amazing work that  Alex Slobzhenino shared we had to post it here. As he says, "from time to time I make type fly and jump in various ways" and then he shares it on his Instagram profile. This project is a collection of these little AR and motion experiments he’s done lately. Note that all the used fonts are designed by Alex himself. Some can be found on his Behance page, some are not even released yet. AR Typography More works brand identities typography typefaces Make sure to follow Alex on instagram dribbble

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Exploring the Concept ‘a Game of Two Halves’ in Branding and Editorial Design

Exploring the Concept ‘a Game of Two Halves’ in Branding and Editorial Design abduzeedoSep 02, 2019 I haven’t posted any editorial design content in quite a long time, which is quite surprising. I love editorial design, I think it’s a crucial skill to have if you are trying to communicate a powerful message. Look at the work that Chris Page did for Daniel Geey, sports lawyer, author and broadcast journalist specializing in football player transfers and club dynamics. Daniel’s clients include giants like Premier League and Champions League football clubs, agencies and right holders. The concept ‘a game of two halves’ hero’s all levels of football from grass roots to elite levels. The visual communications manifest through a collection of contrasting photos, which form goals, pitches and footballs to be used over varied media’s Branding and Editorial Design

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Reviewed: New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Jacobsen by Montdor

“Better with Age” Established in 2005, Jacobsen is a specialty range of beers owned by Carlsberg Group, named after the parent company's founder, Jacob Christian Jacobsen. Housed in the original Carlsberg brewery in Valby in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with access to one of the world's largest yeast collections at Carlsberg's research center, the brewery operates like a craft brewery (but has the capacity of a larger one) by regularly coming up with new beers, experimenting with flavors and combinations, along with a range of seasonal and fixed offerings. Last year, Jacobsen introduced a new identity and packaging designed by Glostrup, Denmark-based Montdor. Note #1: This redesign took place in the Summer of 2018, which puts it outside my usual time limit of projects to cover but the design is pretty good and I never received any tips about it at the time, so it had passed unnoticed and I thought it would be good to un-unnotice it. Note #2: I know you all want the Android review and not a Danish brewery review. It's coming, but I am waiting for, potentially, additional assets from the design firm involved and this will most likely happen early next week, so you'll have to exercise patience. On to the Danish brewery review... Since its launch in 2005, Carlsberg's special beer brand Jacobsen has been the market leader in Denmark. But the beer market has changed, and today there are approx. 200 Danish breweries, which in 2018 launched over 1,800 new beers. The new competition had left Jacobsen with a slightly dusty image.There was a need to relaunch Jacobsen with a completely new visual style and identity. The recognizable core of the Jacobsen bottle, the logo and J.C. Jacobsen's profile had to be maintained but needed a modern expression. Together with Carlsberg's experts, the idea arose that taste can also be expressed with shapes and colors. Each beer was analyzed by a sensorist, and the result was converted into a distinctive pattern.Montdor project page Logo. Color variations. Wordmark. Profile detail. The old logo had some reproduction issues -- highly detailed founder profile illustration and low-contrast stroke color on the typography -- but had some good bones to it with a funky wordmark and seal-like approach to the illustration on which the new logo was able to evolve on quite nicely. I don't think many companies, products, or services want an old man displayed on their logo but I guess if it's a must, this is possibly the best way to do it. The founder's illustration doesn't mince with age, putting a good deal of wrinkles and funky facial hair on it and it's kind of awesome. I thought the texture of the hair was particularly good. But enough about Mr. Jacobsen because what's even better is the wordmark that builds on the flared serif structure of the old one with a really nice and unique typographic approach that defies categories. Every letter in the name is so well considered and it's commendable that it works equally well on a straight line as it does on a curve. The final composition of all the elements in a seal looks great and exudes history and legacy (even though it's only a 14-year-old brewery). Additional identity elements: signature and hop flower. A couple of additional elements add some good sparks through the applications and website. The hop flower in particular is a really nice shape. Custom type family. The custom type family looks great in both widths, condensed and regular, and has some fun-looking characters, like the "R"s and "K"s. If this typeface were commercially available I would definitely buy it. Samples of old bottles and look. Sample before and after of bottles. Like the old logo, the old bottle was also pretty good in part because of its unique shape which was nicely accentuated by the small label on the bottom. It's interesting that now that they have a cleaner, more reproducible profile illustration they got rid of the blind emboss on the bottle but in exchange the new bottles more clearly establish what brand of beer this is by making the logo 1,000% more visible. The new, bigger labels still accentuate the bottle of the shape and provide more real estate to expand the visual language of the brewery. Each Jacobsen has its own pattern. The pattern and the colours of the label speak to the flavour. Each beer variety has its own unique pattern that has been designed based on a sensory analysis. By combining the three basic forms, square, triangle and circle in patterns and using colours that match the sensory expression, the label shows what aromas and flavours lie in store in each beer.Jacobsen identity guidelines New bottles. New bottles, sexy shot. Each beer has its own pattern illustration -- some of them are great (like Porter or Extra Pilsner) and some of them are not great at all (like Yakima Ale and Viva Classic) -- that together create a visually rich family of beers. Overall I do like it but I wish I liked it more as I appreciate the thinking behind it, that they are based on sensory analysis, but some of the color combinations and resulting patterns start to look too playful and contrast oddly with the more elegant bottle and the detailed logo. Still, a lot to like here. Tap handle. Sign. Jacket. Social media images -- I love the use of the seal as having a transparent background. Overall, this has a nice balance of building on the heritage of the Carlsberg universe and infusing it with a contemporary playful vibe and is able to both look and not look like other craft brewers through its own set of rules.

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Product Designer Landing Page

Product designer Landing page basically this design shows portfolio. Vector Illustration use. But this is a hybrid web template design so that most of the section's design can be used to another platform easily. I tried to make it so simple and user-friendly with the cool interface. Also there are different types of profile with different types of design versions. I also include the corner cases of this web template.For freelance project: shadhinlablu.bd@gmail.com 

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Calmaria One Page Website Design

Calmaria One Page Website Design abduzeedo06.15.20 I shared with you in the past about a new side project I am working on. It all started with me trying to find ways to cope with anxiety and stress. Access to information has helped us evolve rapidly but not without side effects. Misinformation and the strong polarization of opinions are amplified by our confirmation bias tendencies. What to believe, who is right, who is wrong? Questions with no answers inevitably create anxiety. Questions with no answers inevitably create anxiety. The good news is that there is a simple way to reduce it, just breathe. It works!  There are several different breathing techniques and exercises that are designed to bring your body to a deep relaxation state. Holding your breath for a period of time allows your body to better oxygenate. One of the simplest techniques is the 4-7-8 method which is simply inhaling for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 7 seconds and exhaling for 8 seconds. Here’s the website I created for Calmaria (https://calmaria.app) And very soon, there will be an Apple Watch version too. Get the android app Try the progressive web app

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Photos of the Week - Lake Tahoe and Oakland

Photos of the Week - Lake Tahoe and Oakland abduzeedoMar 23, 2020 Continuing with our series of free high-resolution photos I have been taking and sharing on Unsplash. This week I’d like to share some photos I took in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. The photos were taken with the Sony A7 III with the cheap (not so great) Sony FE 50mm F1.8 as well as with the amazing Sony FE 85mm F1.8. I will talk a bit more about these lenses in a future post. For more information make sure to visit my Unsplash page at https://unsplash.com/@abduzeedo Photography

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UI Inspiration: This week's selections from uixNinja, Nischal Masand and more

UI Inspiration: This week's selections from uixNinja, Nischal Masand and more AoiroStudio Jun 11, 2018 It's that time of the week for our collection of UI/UX interactions to boost your UI inspiration. We are focusing on cool animations, layout designs, UX thinking and more. We are mixing it all from static, dynamic and even live prototypes, this might be a great weekly series to bookmark! This week, we went all awed with mobile transitions and animations. We took also a particular approach for micro-interactions, those that you wouldn't necessarily notice but they are there to enrich the overall user experience. Hope you will enjoy this collection! In this collection we are featuring the work from uixNinja, Nischal Masand, Tushar Saini, Rafzin p and more. More Links For more, check out Dribbble Follow my tweets @aoirostudio Follow my pictures on Instagram via Dribbble Design by uixNinja Design by Nischal Masand Design by Matt Hardy Design by Tushar Saini Design by Rafzin p Design by Templates Design by Irina Lensu Design by Abhishek Jha Design by Kazi Mohammed Erfan Design by Kris Anfalova Design by Naveen Nagar Design by Hoang Bin Design by uixNinja Design by Shreyas Bendre Design by Lucas Bordignon Design by Marin Begovic Design by Johny vino™ Design by Jabel Ahmed ui inspiration UI/UX ui design interaction design

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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Northland Community College and Northland Pioneers by Object

“Space Jam” Established in 1949, Northland Community & Technical College is a two-year community and technical college with four campuses in the state of Minnesota. Offering more than 80 program options in fields like Aerospace, Business and Marketing, Education, Information Technology, Law and Public Safety, Manufacturing and more, Northland serves over 4,500 full and part-time students with nearly 200 faculty members. Its sports teams, the Northland Pioneers, compete in the NJCAA Division III athletics program. In case you are wondering, no, there is no reason you would have heard of this college before. Recently, Northland introduced new academic and athletics identities designed by Minneapolis, MN-based Object. We conducted surveys, focus groups and held several discovery sessions with: students, faculty, community members and alumni. The discovery sessions were informative to what the current sentiment of the brand was. Overwhelmingly, what we heard was that people wanted change. There was little affiliation with the existing logo & wordmark and there was an appetite for something innovative and expressive. Our challenge was to reimagine the brand with a new logo and holistic design language.Object project page (academics) Academics and athletics monogram. Monogram explanation. As noted in the introduction, Northland isn't a nationally-known college neither for its academics nor its athletics -- which is not meant as a put-down but with the insane amount of high-profile higher education institutions in the U.S., there is an equally insane amount of institutions that fly under the radar -- but I thought, in part because of this particular reason of low-profile-ness, the two identities were remarkably good. I'll kick things off with the monogram that represents Northland at the top level and can be used for both academics and athletics. While the explanation of the monogram makes sense as a comfortable backstory, the monogram is able to stand on its own as a simple, bold, angled "N" with a semi-hidden extra "N" that has a strong and energetic presence that manages to work for both sides of the institution. Academics logo. The main academics logo is a bold and confident wordmark typeset in Dinamo's Ginto Nord (with a nice tweak in the "LA" pair) paired with Ginto Normal underneath. It's as straightforward as it gets but the type choice is excellent, giving the college an industrious, no nonsense vibe. Typography. Samples of OLD academics brand. Stationery. Brochure covers. Ads. The applications extend the straightforwardness of the logos in a confident way, relying on the strength of the typography and a simplicity in layouts and compositions that keeps the messaging clear, concise, and attractive. The orange and blue color palette can be a little jarring at times but I like it a lot -- I feel like it's the exact right shades of each. Northland contacted us to update the visual brand for their athletics program - the Pioneers. Before jumping into design we explored if they should keep the name or not. The outdated settler interpretation of a pioneer from the past didn't resonate with students & faculty and was not inclusive to race or gender.In order to keep the name, we needed to redefine what a pioneer is. We set out to reimagine the old settler pioneer into something that was more innovate, inclusive, and forward-thinking - an astronaut, the space pioneer. We also wanted to create a solution that would fix the consistency problems from the past.Object project page (athletics) Samples of OLD athletics brand. The previous athletics identity was really all over the place -- the image above isn't an exaggeration. In my image research I could not find a consistent use of anything. References. Color palette. If you were wondering where the color palette came from: ta-dah! Space! With a newly updated college visual identity system, we wanted to use this as an opportunity to bring more equity and affinity to the the new monogram. The monogram becomes the primary logo for all athletic teams as well.While the monogram works on bringing cohesion between the academics and athletics departments, it doesn't address the need to change the meaning of what a pioneer is. So we created several spirit marks to help redefine the Pioneer name with space motif visuals.Object project page (athletics) Athletics brand architecture. Home wordmark. Away wordmark. Spirit marks. The athletics system is what caught my attention the most about this redesign, in part because, yes, it looks cool, but also because they were able to transform the "Pioneers" nickname from the vestige of a dated white man person in a beaver hat to something much more aspirational and future-facing. That looks cool. The main Pioneers wordmark has a fun, 1980s-esque computer vibe that's playful but also looks like a logo NASA would put on the side of a rocket. The badge spirit mark is a little heavy on the Aaron Draplin style but, yeah, it looks great and I like how they use the big star from the Pioneers wordmark in there as well. The helmet spirit mark, comes a little out of left field but, sure, why not? Sign me up for a t-shirt with it on it. I'll admit that the set of logos and marks don't quite make a lot of sense together but as a way to create pride and emotional investment into the athletics program they are great. In addition to updating the brand, we also updated the teams' uniforms. We modernized the jersey numbers using a blocky, digital-looking typeface that had a space-instrument vibe to it and exaggerated the size of them. We created sport specific patches as a nod to space mission patches used by astronauts. Each sport's unique patch is embroidered onto their jersey and is also used for fan merchandise. For home uniforms the team wears Flight Blue as a reference to the flight blue suits astronauts wear. For away games, the teams wear white as a nod to the Extravehicular Mobility Unit suits worn by astronauts.Object project page (athletics) Numerals. Uniforms. Patches. Cool, simple uniforms, non-spiky numerals, and kick-ass patches. I'm on board. To help increase engagement and excitement for sporting events we created a slogan for the Pioneers. The new slogan, "We Are Go" is a shortened version of the phrase "We are go for take off" used for space flight launches. This helps further build the new meaning behind the Pioneers space direction and gives fans a phrase to chant and student athletes a phrase to embrace.Object project page (athletics) "We Are Go" campaign. If the whole space theme has worn you down, you might be rolling your eyes at the slogan but I'm all in at this point and I like how they took something familiar from one industry (space) to another (sports). The execution is fun too, with the giant letters interacting with the silhouetted athletes. Flag. Overall, what I like the most about this redesign, particularly about the athletics stuff, is that it makes Northland look like a top-tier institution. The "We Are Go" campaign could easily be for Duke or North Carolina but, no, forget them and their giant budgets, this is an underdog performing at its best and winning.

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Blink brings a Tactile Journey to Editorial Design

Blink brings a Tactile Journey to Editorial Design abduzeedoSep 30, 2019 Blink magazine recognizes that the rise of the Internet has left the beauty of print media in the dust. The audience has unlimited access to information and resources online that is only a click away, however the intimate experience of a well designed magazine through the aesthetic quality of sheets will always leave a lasting impression. That’s the description of the project that Victoria Ng shared on their Behance profile. Like all humans, we are made up of different layers and at Blink we uncover the hidden journeys behind the careers of our interviewees. The magazine focuses on individuality, it is a raw art that exposes trendy design and the craft behind it all. The aim for this magazine was to bring the reader into a tactile journey whilst maintaining a minimalistic appearance through the different layers and paper material; mediums that cannot be experienced online. The use of tracing paper is a symbolism of the transparency that Blink magazine promises to their audience. The translucent layers was although difficult to hand-bind it reflected the core concept of Blink - the notion of invisibility and movement.  White Ink on translucent paper did not only maintain a simplistic visual style but ensure the text-imagery wouldn’t overcrowd the content and gives depth to the page. The aim for this magazine was to bring the reader into a tactile journey For the web component, it is important to maintain a visual relationship with the magazine. Thus, I chose to use the same fonts and color coordination for easy navigation. The broken shapes shadowing behind the main screen emphasizes this idea of transparency (relating back to the use of translucent paper).  Editorial and Web Design

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Case Studies Inspiration: A Roundup by aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon and more

Case Studies Inspiration: A Roundup by aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon and more AoiroStudioJul 12, 2019 A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off for the Weekend? Why not! For this week, I decided to pull together a collection of 'case studies' inspiration. Mainly the idea came after publishing my own case study and decided to go for a surf on hand-picked shots from Dribbble. You should also definitely the last shot I included by Lu Yu about 'How to write case studies for your portfolio', an interesting article to read. In this collection we are featuring the work from aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon, Piotr Kaźmierczak, Paweł Durczok and more. More Links For more, check out Dribbble via Dribbble Design by aida pacheva Design by Henry Kunjumon Design by Francois Hoang Design by Piotr Kaźmierczak Design by Paweł Durczok Design by YuRi Na Design by adiatma bani Design by Craig Garner Design by Iweibo Samuel Design by Filip Justić Design by Nitin Bhatnagar Design by Dale Bandoni Design by Lu Yu For more, check out Dribbble

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8 Best Web Design Portfolio Examples for Learning in 2018

Excellent design is integral for an effective web design portfolio. These 8 fresh online web design portfolio examples will provide you with inspiration.Web Design Portfolio = Web Page Facade + AbilityWhether a web design portfolio includes simple websites, creative sites, or highly technical pages, there is one common thread: behind all good web design portfolios lie hard work and effort by designers who glean inspiration from various sources. A web design portfolio is not only a facade but also the embodiment of a designer’s professionalism. As a web designer, there is nothing more important than taking your portfolio design seriously if you want to attract clients.Study online web design portfolios to get inspirationGood design work is not simply inspirational. It speaks to the viewer and conveys insights that shares design concepts and shows a glimpse of the designer himself. A well-crafted web design portfolio not only creates job opportunities but cements your reputation. To help you enhance your portfolio and attract more work, Mockplus has picked 8 of the best web design portfolio examples in 2018. Peruse them and use them as learning resources for your own development.8 Best Web Design Portfolio Examples for Learning1. Personal portfolioDesigner: MikeSource: DribbbleURL: https://dribbble.com/shots/4353012-Bryan-Lane-Pers...Mike is a graphic designer with a wealth of design experience. He is good at user-oriented graphic design, website design, application design, game design, and user interface design that incorporate logos, icons, and illustrations.Personal Portfolio is a typical graphic design oriented web design, but unique in its conspicuous background with bright 3D illustrations. The combination of graphic design and 3D design is eye-catching.2. Designer ProfilesDesigner: Ben SchadeSource: DribbbleURL: https://dribbble.com/shots/3299965-Designer-Profil...Ben Schade is a web interface designer highly popular on Dribbble. From his design portfolio, you can see that he prefers flat UI design style with a clean and simple interface.The fresh and elegant flat UI color gives people a very comfortable visual experience. The color matching, icons, and pictures in this web design portfolio are very simple and clean. As the slogan in the lower left corner says “design less, think more”. It’s the best example of “less is more”. The portfolio is to focus on the work itself, not just for showing off.3. Personal Site — JS InteractionsDesigner: Drew EndlySource: DribbbleURL: https://dribbble.com/shots/3124285-Personal-Site-J...Drew Endly is a very creative designer. He pays great attention to the clever use of visual and interactive design, including color matching, dynamic design.JS Interactions is a web design portfolio based on interactive design. The simple landing page design, smooth dynamic design, and all the visual effects are very fascinating and eye-catching. The interactive action design naturally guides the display and reading experience of the whole website. The use of pop-ups and slide interactions adds an element of fun to the website.An integrated design includes the preproduction of interactive prototype building with tools such as Mockplus. It also needs various developing skills, such as JS, to achieve the real interaction on the website. Given this, we believe this web design portfolio is a worthy reference.4. Portfolio ExplorationDesigner: Adrián SomozaSource: DribbbleURL: https://dribbble.com/shots/2343357-Portfolio-Explo...Adrián Somoza is a senior designer, design consultant, and mentor. His clients include Adidas, Google, Nike, Samsung and Netflix.This is a typical personal web design portfolio which is a collection of character design, personal profile, display of works and achievement showcase. It can be considered as a classic example of portfolio design with personal works and experience.Even though it was a web design created in 2015, its design concepts are still worth studying. You can see how popular it is based on the number of views. What you can learn is the use of dynamic effects; for example, floating scroll settings, that makes the focus of the web page switch from characters to personal experiences and display of works. Even with today’s new design concepts, this portfolio has elements that are still applicable.For a beginner who wants to achieve scrolling of web content, the first step is to choose the right design tool. Design tool Mockplus, with its scroll box components, icons and text components, and flexible settings is an excellent place to start.5. PortfolioDesigner: Dennys HessSource: DribbbleURL: https://dribbble.com/shots/4527247-PortfolioThis portfolio may not be gorgeous, but the switch animation of the content page is very creative. The paper-based page flip interactions go beyond common page transition and give people a sense of realism while reading.6. Lank — Creative Design Agency & Personal Portfolio HTML TemplateDesigner: Reejo GeorgeSource: ThemeforestURL: https://themeforest.net/item/lank-creative-design-...Reejo George is a freelance designer from India who sells his web design work on Themeforest.This is a responsive web design example that is based on the Bootstrap Framework and is easy to customize. You can use it as a design agency, personal resume, or personal web design portfolio template. One-page layout, modern and clean responsive user interface design, 100% pixel perfect design, cross-browser compatibility, etc. are the advantages of this modern web design example.7. Active Theory Interactive Intro PageDesigner: ACTIVE THEORYSource: AwwwardsURL: https://www.awwwards.com/sites/active-theory-v4Active Theory is a creative digital production studio in Venice, California. This web design features a digital loading design on the landing page and a ripple effect on the homepage. The dynamic website background picture combined with the water ripple effect generated by the mouse sliding makes the entire web page appear very chic. Gradual transition effects link to the display of design works.The modern style background image and the piano key sidebar show that the studio has a special preference for the use of animation design on web pages.8. Trons — Clean Portfolio & Agency WordPress ThemeDesigner: pegoSource: ThemeforestURL: https://themeforest.net/item/trons-clean-portfolio...Trons is a web design portfolio of WordPress themes. It provides a clean, concise, and responsive minimalist WordPress theme for a creative portfolio design. You can use this website theme for agency websites, individual portfolio websites, architect agencies, photo studios, painter portfolios, artist portfolios, web design works, illustrators, freelance designers, and more. Responsive design supports applies to various device browsers. 、Summary:These above 8 web design portfolio examples for 2018 are very useful for designers in 2018. In addition to the designer’s innate talent, hard work and the willingness to continuously learn are crucial to good web design. Keep up with the latest design examples for web design, portfolio design, UI/UX design, and the practical tools for prototyping design. Always be open to learning and hone your craft to stay ahead of the pack.8 Best Web Design Portfolio Examples for Learning in 2018 was originally published in Muzli - Design Inspiration on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Yoga App Concept - Onboarding

Hello folks,YoGa is one of my new Concept work for Meditation App. You can use this idea to build your yoga mobile app. it will also give you to access all the illustration. If you want any page for this just send me an email..If you Like my work don’t forget to give a thumbs up or Press LVol. 01: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/yoga-app-concept-log-inVol. 02: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/yoga-app-concept-home-profileVol. 03: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/yoga-app-concept-training-detailsVol. 04: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/yoga-app-concept-search-filterVol. 05: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/yoga-app-concept-blog-details

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The Power of a Well-Designed Profile Page: More than Just Aesthetics

In today's digital age, our online presence has taken on a level of importance that few could have predicted a couple of decades ago. A crucial component of this online persona is the profile page, which acts as a window into who we are and what we represent. This might be on social media, a professional networking site, a personal website, or even a forum. So, what makes a well-designed profile page so essential?

1. First Impressions Matter

The saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover," although wise, is often overlooked in the online realm. Most viewers will make snap judgments based on what they see. A well-designed profile page that's clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing can create a strong and positive first impression.

2. A Reflection of Your Brand

For professionals and businesses, a profile page often serves as a brand touchpoint. It tells visitors what you're about, what you value, and the kind of work or service you offer. A cluttered or inconsistent profile can convey a lack of professionalism, while a sleek, consistent design can bolster brand trust.

3. Improved Usability

A well-designed profile doesn't just look good; it functions efficiently. Users should be able to quickly access the information they're seeking, whether it's your contact details, portfolio, or any other relevant information. Good design facilitates this ease of navigation.

4. Showcasing Personality

While conveying professionalism is essential, so is showcasing personality. A unique and well-thought-out profile page can give visitors a sense of who you are, not just what you do. It allows for personal expression and can make your profile memorable.

5. Building Trust

Especially in professional networking or e-commerce settings, trust is paramount. A well-designed profile page, complete with authentic photos, comprehensive details about skills or services, and genuine testimonials or recommendations, can build this trust.

6. Optimized for Engagement

Good design often considers the user's journey. By strategically placing call-to-action buttons or interactive elements on your profile page, you can guide visitors towards desired actions, be it connecting, following, buying, or simply learning more about you.

7. Adaptability Across Devices

In our increasingly mobile world, a well-designed profile is adaptable across devices. This means it looks and functions seamlessly, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This adaptability ensures you put your best foot forward, regardless of how someone accesses your profile.

In Conclusion

A profile page is often the starting point of online interactions, both personal and professional. Its design, thus, holds more power than one might initially realize. It's not just about aesthetic appeal; it's about communication, brand-building, trust, and engagement. Investing time and thought into crafting a standout profile page can yield dividends in the long run, enhancing connections and opportunities in our interconnected digital landscape.

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